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It may sound extreme, but actually, temperature play is something many couples are already doing, and it’s one of the easiest ways you can spice up your sex life! At its core, it’s exactly what it says, using temperature to illicit sensation and arousal, as well as to bring some fun and excitement for you and your partner! So we’re going to share some tips about how to try out this exciting form of play, as well as some advice on how to approach things.   How Does It Work  First, a little bit of science, temperature play helps to...

How To Bring A Vibrator Into The Bedroom

Vibrators are often seen as something of a solo toy, and we won’t deny that is a whole world of fun, but they can also be wonderful for you and your partner to enjoy together. Whether you’re routinely adventurous in the bedroom or are looking to explore new things together, a vibrator can be a great addition to your lovemaking routine. Read on to find out more about how to broach the subject of introducing your vibrators and some fun tips and tricks for you to try out together.   Be Confident And Be Clear  This is really a golden...
There are so many benefits to having a top of the line vibrator, and a world of pleasure and self care awaiting you, but if you’re new to the experience, or looking to up your game, you’re going to want to read up on how to make the most of your new toy to deliver some truly mind-blowing climaxes. To help you, we’ve come up with some of the best tips and tricks for making the most of your vibrator.  Get Comfortable  This is always important, but especially if you have a new toy that you’re unfamiliar with. Your best...
Whilst it’s not the most fun part about owning a luxurious vibrator—making sure you maintain it and keep it clean will be essential to having a good time night after night (Or morning, if the mood takes you!) which is why we’ve prepped this helpful little guide for what you can do to make sure your vibrator is clean and looked after so you can make the most of it. Stick To A Schedule  Suggesting you should clean your toys often is almost a given, yet many of us still forget, or simply overlook the idea, but the reality is...