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Netflix And Chill:Mastering The Chill

It is one of the greatest euphemisms of our times, a simple shorthand understood by all-‘Netflix and chill. Although what most people don’t realize is that the difficult part is not what comes after. In reality, the chill is pretty simple, all you need is a spark of romance, a flicker of passion, and maybe a luxury wand vibrator to coax out the pleasure!. No, the hard part (No pun intended) is making sure the Netflix portion of the evening isn’t awkward, intrusive, or flat out uncomfortable. These handy tips should be able to help you on your way.

Choose Wisely

There is a delicate balance to trying to figure out what movie or show you want to put on before things get heated. Definitely don’t pick anything serious or grizzly that’s likely to kill the mood, no matter how many cliches have taught you horror movies are a great idea. Likewise, a heartfelt romance may send too strong of a message, something light and popular could work wonders, who’s to say this isn’t what the Avengers movies were made for.

Actually Use Yout TV

We’d like to think you’re tech-savvy enough to know how to work an HDMI cable already, but in case you aren’t, trust us, it’s a sound investment. A laptop or even smaller portable device can seem like a great way to cozy up, but it gets awkward fast, and nothing will ruin the mood quicker than you accidentally pressing the wrong button and opening up face time with the parents!

Don’t Forget The Snacks

Despite the derision, especially from the corners of the internet that just don’t get millennials, Netflix and Chill is a perfectly valid date idea. It just has to still feel like a date, so why not whip up a quick guacamole, or something equally light and unlikely to make a mess. And whatever you do, don’t go heavy on the garlic.

Have your wits about you and ‘Netflix and chill’ can be a fun and relaxed way to usher in a night of intense passion, with plenty of play and stimulation for you both. And if you want a little help there, why not check out our range of luxury wand massagers, designed with your pleasure in mind.

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