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Why Men Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Use Vibrators

Yes, you heard us correctly. Vibrators are for men. Despite the misconceptions and reservations of men, they are increasingly opening themselves up to the idea of using sex toys, whether as a part of couple’s play or masturbation. And there are a number of good reasons for that, if you’re on the fence, read on and let us convince you why vibrators are for men. It Will Make It Better For Her This may not be comfortable for men to hear, but the ‘orgasm gap’ is very much a real thing. For those who aren’t familiar, the ‘orgasm gap’ phenomenon...
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Sex Care is Self Care

As we move towards a growing awareness and focus on wellness and well-being, self-care has become an important part of modern life. What most people are still neglecting though, is the role sex, sex toys and masturbation can play in making sure your well-being is being looked after. Embrace Sex Positivity More and more, the conservative and unhelpful attitudes to sex that were the calling card of the 20th century are being broken down. As those barriers go, so to does the stigma around items such as vibrators and wand massagers, these days it’s more than ok to take pleasure...
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Using the five senses to set the mood

When it comes to passion and play for couples, it’s not just a matter of keeping things fresh and switching things up, whether that’s sex toys or the imagination of roleplaying. It’s also about unlocking the depths of romance through sensuality, which is where this article comes in. We’re going to give you some guidance on how to use each of the five senses to liven up your bedroom. Sight For this one the solution is one that is tried and tested, instead of overloading your sight, you go in the opposite direction. A soft silky blindfold can be a...
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Netflix And Chill:Mastering The Chill

It is one of the greatest euphemisms of our times, a simple shorthand understood by all-‘Netflix and chill. Although what most people don’t realize is that the difficult part is not what comes after. In reality, the chill is pretty simple, all you need is a spark of romance, a flicker of passion, and maybe a luxury wand vibrator to coax out the pleasure!. No, the hard part (No pun intended) is making sure the Netflix portion of the evening isn’t awkward, intrusive, or flat out uncomfortable. These handy tips should be able to help you on your way.Choose Wisely...
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