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Fire And Ice: Using Temperature Play To Bring Hot And Cold Sensations Into The Bedroom

It may sound extreme, but actually, temperature play is something many couples are already doing, and it’s one of the easiest ways you can spice up your sex life! At its core, it’s exactly what it says, using temperature to illicit sensation and arousal, as well as to bring some fun and excitement for you and your partner! So we’re going to share some tips about how to try out this exciting form of play, as well as some advice on how to approach things.  

How Does It Work 

First, a little bit of science, temperature play helps to stimulate arousal by using the neuroreceptors in the skin, flooding them with a rush of messages and sensations when either hot or cold are applied to naked skin. There are a variety of ways that this can be done, but the most common on the cold end are either ice cubes or cold food such as strawberries or ice cream, and melted wax or melted chocolate on the hotter end of proceedings. 

Ice, Ice 

To get things started, let’s look at how you can use one of the simplest, and safest, tools in the temperature play world, ice cubes. Because they’re safe, and something anybody can make with ease, they’re an amazing way to get started with this fun adventure! 

You don’t necessarily even have to use the ice on you or your partner, an enjoyable first step, if you have glass toys, is to cool them in a container of ice before using, for something that will immediately perk you up!

Alternatively rubbing an ice cube slowly over your body, especially the nipples, can be a real turn-on for many people, and if you want to double down, you could always incorporate a blindfold. Just be sure to try it out on somewhere safer, like your elbow first, to make sure it’ll be an enjoyable experience. 

A tip you need to remember is this though—if you’re using any kind of ice or frozen toy, you absolutely must remember to rinse them under water first, not only is this hygienic, it also ensures they don’t get painfully stuck to a very uncomfortable area!

Wax On 

On the surface, this is going to seem a bit more extreme than the ice cubes, after all, you’re dripping melted wax onto exposed skin! But, when done carefully, it’s pretty much the inverse, applying a mild and tolerable yet still pronounced burning sensation onto you or your partner. 

Wax play has the advantage of being deeply sensual, not only because candles are great for setting a romantic mood, but because it’s a slow, and deep form of play and one that easily lends itself to power dynamics and massages, perfect for a romantic night in. 

The most important thing is to be careful with which candles you use—by all means, surround the bed with your regular candles for ambience, but when it comes to the wax play itself, you need to use a specially made massage oil candle. Regular candles will burn hotter, and pose a toxicity risk, while massage oil candles will be safe and are designed to be used in this way. 

No matter how you’re livening things up in the bedroom, a massage wand from bed geek is a must-have addition, to buy yours today, order through our website!

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