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Tips For Building A Sex Positive Relationship

Sex positivity isn’t just a trend, nor is it strictly for the bedroom. Sex positivity can lead to improvements that make your whole relationship better, as well as opening up new avenues for you to explore more in the bedroom, whether that’s through sex toys for couples, erotic massages, or adventurous play. Here are some of our tips for how you can about building that ideal sex-positive relationship.

Don’t Hide Your Desires

Openness is a key part of every aspect of sex positivity, and one of the keys there is to be upfront about how much, or how little you want sex. Own your own desire, and make sure you always communicate it in an honest and approachable manner.

Make It About Enjoyment Alone

One of the other keys to sex positivity is to make sure that enjoyment and desire are the only motivations, these means no pressure, no bargaining, no ‘if’s’ ‘when’s’ or anything along those lines. Sex should be something you and your partner do whenever you both want it, however you want it.  

Self Care Matters

A sex positive relationship isn’t just about what you and your partner do together, masturbation is also a key part of it. By embracing the idea that masturbation is not only a healthy thing for you or your partner but something that can be sought out and enjoyed in a variety of ways, including luxury wand massagers or other sex toys. You help to foster an atmosphere of stimulation and satisfaction.

Sex positivity also extends to the things you buy, and that means the very best in sex toys. At bed geek we believe in combining luxury and pleasure in a way that considers our customers’ needs. Take a look at our website for more details, and instructions on how to purchase your luxury wand massager today.

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