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Sex Care is Self Care

As we move towards a growing awareness and focus on wellness and well-being, self-care has become an important part of modern life. What most people are still neglecting though, is the role sex, sex toys and masturbation can play in making sure your well-being is being looked after.

Embrace Sex Positivity
More and more, the conservative and unhelpful attitudes to sex that were the calling card of the 20th century are being broken down. As those barriers go, so to does the stigma around items such as vibrators and wand massagers, these days it’s more than ok to take pleasure and solace in the act of pleasure, whether you’re alone or with someone else.

Whisk Yourself Away
One of the most important parts of self-care is finding ways in which you can detach from the everyday grind of your life, by making masturbation into an act of not just satiated want, but of relaxation and enjoyment, whether it involves a nice long bath or some imagined fantasy in your mind, you can turn your pleasure into self-care.

Put Your Needs First
Self-care is all about you and your needs, this means putting yourself first. Something that absolutely includes your needs for pleasure and stimulation. Don’t shy away from embracing these out of shyness, and certainly don’t feel guilty about taking your time to do it. It’s about self-discovery and finding ways to increase your pleasure, which if you ask us sounds like a very enjoyable form of self-care.

One of the best ways to really turn your self-care into sex care is through a luxury wand vibrator, at bed geek all of our toys utilise state of the art technology aimed to give you the most enjoyable experience we can.

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