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Morning Sex

Morning Sex

Morning Glory: The Benefits Of Morning Sex 

Ah, mornings. It’s a time of day that can equally inspire hope or dread, depending on exactly what kind of morning person you are, or aren’t! But regardless of whether you’re constantly hitting snooze on the alarm, or spring out of bed raring to go, there’s one thing that could improve your morning routine: morning sex! 

That’s right, far from being a nocturnal activity, sex can be an amazing way to start your day off right, and provide some exciting fun for you and your partner. With that in mind, here are some of the benefits of starting your day with morning sex. 

All The Good Feelings

Time for a quick biochemistry lesson, did you know orgasms can release all kinds of amazing hormones in your body? Well, even if you didn’t, you can probably deduce it based on just how good it feels, that’s right, there’s actual science behind why orgasms are so amazing! What does that mean for morning sex? Well, by releasing dopamine, oxytocin, and other endorphins, you’re giving your body a boost, putting you in a happy active state of mind for that all-important beginning of the day. 

Connection And Intimacy 

The release of these hormones isn’t just great for you—it can be a great boost for your relationship—after all, there’s a reason oxytocin is colloquially known as the ‘cuddle hormone. As sex releases oxytocin, it can be a great way of deepening your connection and getting your day started right together. Beyond the science, there’s something honest and deeply intimate about morning sex, something that will put the focus back where it belongs, on your connection and desire for each other. 

Banish Those Morning Aches 


We’ve all had that same morning unrest, waking up and experiencing a litany of neck and backaches from sleeping the wrong way, or simply having a strenuous day before, and surely you’d reason that the physical activity of sex can’t help with that. Well, you’d be wrong. Because orgasms release hormones that help with pain relief, it may actually be the best thing for your body. What’s more, because sex is still essentially a light workout, it brings all of the same benefits for your body, such as a boosted metabolism and stress relief. 


Whether you’re having fun with a partner, or looking for some “me time” in the morning to help you get up the right way, there’s no better addition to your sex schedule than a luxury wand massager from Bedgeek. Simply browse our products and find the right one for you, and then order today to make sure you get it as soon as possible!


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