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Here’s Why You Should Be Using More Lubrication In Your Sex Life

Lubrication is often something of an afterthought, consigned to a forgotten drawer and seldom brought out, but it’s time to rethink your approach to both masturbation and sex and bring lube to the table every time. Here are some good reasons why you should be using your lube more often. 

Enhances The Pleasure

We’re always looking for ways to experience new things during sex and masturbation, but something many people overlook is the way lubrication can not only enhance the pleasure your feeling but also introduce new and exciting sensations. To test this out, try something you may have never done before, using lube whilst masturbating. Not only will your toys feel more potent, but the whole experience will be smoother and more satisfying. Lubrication is also essential if you and your partner are looking to try out anal sex, ensuring that the experience will be comfortable and enjoyable for the both of you!

A Cure For Dryness

Lubrication isn’t just about pleasure—it’s also about comfort. Vaginal dryness can be caused by a wide range of hormonal factors, and it can make sex and masturbation an uncoimfortable proposition. Using lube will help provide the lubrication that your body would otherwise naturally, it can also help sync up your body and mind. Wetness is the body’s physiolgical response to arousal, but it can take some time for body and mind to sync up, and this delay can be a source of discomfort and worry for you and your partner. This is also why you should never skimp on the foreplay, it helps to stimulate these reactions!

Making Foreplay Fun! 

Speaking of foreplay, using lube can be a great way to liven up your foreplay, especially when it comes to finding that giddy sense of anticipation and excitement. As enjoyable as sex is, it’s even better when there’s a palpatable sense of excitement between you and your partner. You can also turn its application into a sensual experience, even involving elements of massage and other foreplay activiities. 

Masturbation Variation 

One challenge we all have to overcome from time to time is how to make masturbation somethng to look forward to and savour, especially when it comes to avoiding falling into a rote routine. Luckily, lubrication isn’t just useful when it comes to sex with your partner, it’s also a great way of changing your masturbation routine, definitely something worth playing around and experimenting with!


Now that you’ve been convinced of its benefits, you’re going to want to buy some lube for your own collection, and we have exactly what you need right here at Bedgeek. Our lubricants are water based and paraben free, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for you or your partner. 

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