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Long Distance

Long Distance

How To Keep The Spark Alive While Dating Long Distance 

Whether it’s by design, or as a result of pandemic restrictions, long-distance relationships are becoming increasingly normal, especially in a more globally connected world. But they still have their share of challenges, especially when it comes to keeping the spark alive in the bedroom, even when you’re miles apart. Here are our best tips and advice for keeping the spark alive in long-distance relationships. 

Mutual Masturbation

For many of us, masturbation is thought of as a strictly solo activity, one that’s all about connecting with ourselves and just getting lost in pleasure. But for those very same reasons, it’s also a great long-distance activity. With video call technology, it’s now easy for you and your partner to take part in this together, and we think it’s the perfect activity because it’s not just about the sex. Yes, that’s the key part, but it can also be a deeply romantic and fun activity that brings you closer. 

Don’t Forget About The Phone 

If you’re anything like us, and the rest of your millennial cohort, phone calls are something of a forgotten relic, outside of business calls and other formal endeavours. And phone sex is definitely something that’s been consigned to the past. But maybe it’s time to bring it back, out of sync schedules can be a big problem when it comes to long-distance relationships, and phone calls require far less organising and setting up than more contemporary technological options. What’s more, there’s something deeply intimate and erotic about having to describe what’s happening and going in your head, rather than watching. 

Make A Date Of It 

It’s not just the everyday and physical connection that couples can miss during a long-distance relationship, it’s the special occasions. After all, you can replicate desire and connection over distance, but can you really recreate the romance and that “first date all over again” feeling of doing something special together? Yes, you can. The key here is planning, find an evening where the two of you are free, make sure you’re completely alone, and leave yourself a few hours to really have a good time. 

Try Out Remote Sex Toys 

If you and your partner are more versed—or simply keen to explore—kink dynamics, then remote sex toys can be a great way of exploring power dynamics and control even over long distances. These haptic toys allow you to control a number of settings, such as duration, pulsation, intensity and more, using built in-app controls and can be a wonderful way of having fun and keeping things fresh in a long-distance relationship. 

Another great way of spicing up a long-distance relationship is giving your partner a special gift, and nothing can do more for them in terms of pleasure and romance than a luxury wand massager from Bedgeek. What’s more, all of our products can be ordered with beautifully designed gift packaging, making them perfect for that special someone. To find out more, and to order your product today, simply visit our website. 

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