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Erogenous Zones

Erogenous Zones

A Guide To The Erogenous Zones

Erogenous, it’s a word that rolls off the tongue in such a pleasing way, which is fitting when you consider what it refers to. Erogenous zones are areas of the body that have heightened sensitivity and when stimulated, can prompt sexual arousal. For this blog, we’re going to eschew the obvious sexual organs and look at some other parts of the body you and your partner can experiment with both during foreplay and during sex. 


No, we aren’t turning into vampires, but the neck is one of the most popular and effective erogenous zones on the body. Something that can be reliably triggered during foreplay with everything from light kissing to well, biting. In particular, focus on the nape of the neck, which is a highly receptive area populated with nerve endings. For some really mild stimulation, also try blowing on the neck of your partner, something that can be a fun way of gently teasing them.


Nipple stimulation is very much a mileage may vary area, for some people this will do very little, and for some, it will drive them wild with pleasure. This is because nipple stimulation sends responses to the same portion of the brain as genital stimulation, and is an area overloaded with nerve endings and receptors. Making it the perfect foreplay activity, don’t just limit yourself to using your hands and mouth on your partner though—vibrating toys can be used very effectively for nipple play. 

Across The Arms

You may associate your hands more than your arms with sex, but a simple caress of the upper and lower arms can be one of the most sensual and stimulating acts of foreplay, especially in the early stages. Whether it’s by lightly dragging your fingers across your partner’s arms, or by planting soft kisses up and down, this can be a great way of either starting or finishing proceedings. One area especially you could focus on is the inner area of the wrist, which is a surprisingly pleasurable and sensitive spot, containing a lot of nerves!

Navel And The Small Of The Back

Now we’re moving onto two areas that should definitely be explored when things are starting to heat up in the bedroom, the navel and the small of the back. The navel and lower abdomen are highly suggestive areas, promising the prospect of more to come, making them a great place to linger for foreplay, especially before oral sex. Equally, the small of the back contains nerves that are directly connected to the pelvis, and also has an aura of vulnerability, making it the perfect place for massage play especially. 

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