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Keeping Things Discreet: How Best To Store Your Sex Toys

This isn’t a post built around shame—we’re sex-positive here, and we see no reason to hide the fact that this is something people can, and should, enjoy doing. But at the same time, having your friends, or even worse visiting plumber, or even worse still, parents, stumble on your sex toy by accident? That’s enough to keep you up at night! So, to make sure that doesn’t happen, and to help you keep your toys organised and easy to find, here are some discreet sex toy storage tips.

Can’t I Just Hide Them Somewhere?

The first thing a lot of people will be thinking is “Do I really need to think about this? Can’t I just hide them in drawers or under the bed?”. Well, yes, you can, and that’s certainly a pretty good way of keeping things well hidden, but it’s also less than hygienic and more than a little bit awkward. If not stored properly, dust and other unwanted particles can accumulate, and if you don’t have a dedicated spot for them, you’re probably going to be shuttling them from place to place, not to mention having trouble finding your toys when you actually want to use them! With that in mind, let’s look at some storage solutions and tips for your sex toys

The Furniture Options

Now, we’re not saying buy a piece of furniture speciffically for your sex toys, unless you own a rather impressive collection, it’s probably not quite worth the resources. But, there’s no reason you can’t store your sex toys in one compartment and other things in more, prominent or visible sections, and it gives you a great excuse to update your interior aesthetic with a stylish new piece. The best options are undoubtedly concealment furniture pieces, that is something that looks like say, a coffee table, but also has hidden storage capabilities.

The Hygenic Options

Discretion shouldn’t be your sole concern when it comes to your sex toy storage, there’s also the all important matter of hygiene. Thankfully, there’s a storage option that offers both a discrete hiding spot, and a container that will help keep your toys in pristine condition—UVC cases. UVC storage cases work by using a built in UV light to sanitise the toys—or any other object you might want to keep stored and clean—while they’re housed in the container. Some of the more high end options also come with built in charging ports!

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