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Creative Ways To Use A Sex Toy With Your Partner

Creative Ways To Use A Sex Toy With Your Partner

Sex Toys are wonderful solo delights, and an absolute necessity when it comes to keeping your masturbation sessions invigorating and fulfilling—but they aren’t just perfect for when you’re alone. There are a number of benefits when it comes to using a sex toy with you and your partner, and there are also a number of ways you can get creative to really spice things up. So here are some of our hot tips for how to use your vibrator creatively to satisfy you and your partner.

Steal The Show

As much as anything, arousal is a visual experience, this is something that we all intimately understand, but that we very rarely incorporate into our sex lives. Fortunately, using a vibrator to put on a bit of a show for your partner can be a great way of starting things off in the bedroom. Making things exciting, empowering, and more than a little tantalizing.

Something For You Both

Going down on your partner can be something of a one-way activity, well not exactly—we know it’s fun and exciting for both those giving and those receiving, but when you’re going down on your partner, things can get a little static in terms of your actual arousal. This is where using your vibrator on yourself comes in, it can be a great way to bring your arousal up to even higher levels, and create a mutually satisfying experience.

Sex To The Next Level 

It’s an awkward subject—but it’s one that should be less taboo than it is, and that’s the fact that a lot of the time it can be difficult to achieve climax through the act alone. Despite what people may think, this isn’t anything to do with your ability as a partner or the desire on your partner’s end, it’s just simply a reality of the ways in which the vagina responds during sex. Using a vibrator on yourself during sex can be an amazingly creative way of working around this, helping you achieve orgasm and improving the experience for both of you. Especially if your partner can feel it on their penis at the same time.

Explore The Whole Body 

Understandably anything involving sex toys will focus on the genitals, but they can also be used all over the body for a stimulating and satisfying experience. In fact, experimenting with pleasuring yourself and your partner using your whole body can be a wonderful and creative way of using your sex toy. We especially recommend using your vibrator on your partner’s nipples, and anal area if you’re feeling really adventurous!

No matter how creative you get with your sex toys, you don’t need to think too far outside the box to find the perfect sex toy for you and your partner. That’s because here at Bedgeek we offer products that are the ultimate in both pleasure and comfort. Our luxury wand massagers are perfectly calibrated to offer a premium experience that delivers every time, to find out first hand just how good these products feel, purchase your own bed geek luxury wand massager today. 

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